PWC Uutishuone
PWC Uutishuone

Slush 2021 - solving the problems of today and tomorrow together!

This was the comeback we’ve all been waiting for – Slush officially back at full speed, and our long-term partnership that started in 2010 between PwC and Slush, the world’s leading startup event, continued successfully in Helsinki this December 1-2, 2021.

Our collaboration with Slush is just one of the many examples of how we bring the New Equation to life. Facing a high level of uncertainty and fundamental changes in the operational environment, trust has never been more important as well as the necessity for a long-term orientation to deliver outcomes that continue to create value. Today’s challenges are not only complex, but inevitably require new perspectives to deliver sustained outcomes that make a difference. 

The theme of this year’s Slush, “Entrepreneurial renaissance”, resonated strongly for all of us. More than ever now, startups and scaleups are reshaping the world of today and tomorrow, where trust, impact and collaboration are the cornerstones. We believe entrepreneurship is the vital enabler in meeting the huge challenges the world faces now and in the future – you can find here some of the reasons why the world needs entrepreneurs now more than ever. 

We’re ready for more!

At PwC, we work with key ecosystem players, building bridges between them to accelerate growth and facilitate innovation. The aim of our 2021 PwC-Slush partnership was to support sustainable growth and entrepreneurship in its many forms. PwC therefore organised an interactive workshop themed “Collaborate for Sustainable Impact.” In the spirit of building bridges between a diverse range of participants, we gathered startups, investors, companies, non-profit organisations and public bodies to share ideas on how we could collaborate to achieve sustainable impact, broadening their mindset regarding the sustainable impact strategy and execution. 

One of the numerous takeaways from Slush was the importance of prioritizing high-quality (Covid-safe) face-to-face networking. In 2021, Slush brought together the world’s leading founders, investors, executives, and media for a curated gathering of 8,800 attendees with game-changing ideas and innovations. We connected with many of them and already look forward to the next year of meeting new impressive founders, investors and Slush-minded people and continuing our long-lasting collaboration with Slush to celebrate entrepreneurship in its many forms.

And we had such a great time:

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