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Megatrends are shaping the future of business

Keskiviikkona 9.3. järjestetyssä virtuaalitapahtumassa New winds in business consulting – Innovation as a success factor etsimme vastauksia megatrendeihin ja tulevaisuuteen liittyviin kysymyksiin. Miten megatrendit vaikuttavat liiketoimintaan tänä päivänä? Entä miten nämä haasteet ja mahdollisuudet otetaan vastaan PwC:llä? Saimme tilaisuuden aikana kuulla vierailevien puhujien sekä PwC:n konsultoinnin mietteitä näihin aiheisiin. Lue lisää ja katso tallenne tilaisuudesta tästä linkistä.

During our virtual event New winds in business consulting – Innovation as a success factor on Wednesday 9 March we were looking for answers to questions like how trends and megatrends are impacting businesses and what kind of skills are relevant in the future. Our guest speakers and consultants from PwC shared their perspectives and thoughts about these questions. Read more about the key lessons and watch the recording from the event.

Our Advisory leader Kauko Storbacka opened the event and told us about PwC Finland’s strategy and Advisory Services. Kauko highlighted the importance of inclusion and diversity for the work community and innovations. In the times we currently live, it becomes more important every day that we act according to our values and develop our work environment inclusive and diverse. 

During the event Anni Heiskanen from Advisory shared an interesting business case story about how PwC helped our customer Valio with their new business model where agricultural side streams are converted into biogas. In this case PwC performed a key role in facilitating discussions between Valio and their partner to help both of them to increase knowledge from two vastly different industries. As a result of the event Valio founded a joint venture with a Finnish energy company to commercialize renewable biogas production and distribution.

Our first guest speaker, futurist and Doctor of Science Elina Hiltunen, continued with megatrends and told us how megatrends will affect our future. One of the most important things, according to Elina, is that we can’t predict the future directly, but we really should anticipate the future and think about the biggest trends that will affect our society. 

Kalle Nieminen, futurist and keynote speaker, concentrated more on a couple of megatrends and combining them together, sustainable development and the rapid development of technology. Kalle underlined that sustainable development is a job for all of us and when talking about development of technology, we should focus on what we should do with technology in order to develop sustainable businesses and societies. Digitalization and technology can’t be the answer alone, we need creative problem solvers.

Thank you to all who participated in our virtual event! If you missed the event, you can still watch the recording from this link.